4 Steps for combining Joomla and Wordpress

by Gem Webb on March 14, 2009

Jooma wordpress tutorialOk, a little techie post this time around but want to share this simple technique I use for my clients so they get the best of both worlds for your client websites. This is what I call giving back to my fellow competitors.  In my professional eyes, Wordpress and Joomla are the top 2 Content Management Systems for blogging and business merchant sites. The problem is that both don’t really fuse well with each other. So my hack is to merge them on the same server. Here are the basic steps below.

1- I first create two separate databases, one for each Content Management Systems then install the primary package in the root directory, usually of which is Joomla as it is much more easily expandable then Wordpress (Bold Statement). This will link Joomla to the first database.

2- Then I create a sub folder called “blog” or “Blog” in the root directory (good SEO technique – watch Google Rep: Matt Cutts Whitehat SEO tips for Bloggers)and then instal Wordpress within it and link it up to the 2nd database.

3- Next step is actually a long one with making both CMS template look the same or at least similar which is another tutorial all together. I’d recommend you outsource to make life easier and pay someone to help with this if you don’t have the internal talent, to get both templates done (Try Guru.com to find a good company or person, very reasonable talent there).

4- Once both packages are looking the same and sometimes I wait to the very end for the clients, I make a single login page that they can either choose to update their website or their blog. Have a look a the diagram below to see the structure.

My main reason for all this is to give the power of driving traffic to a website to my clients which Google loves Fresh content and everyone knows blogs are the key. This will give you such a wide range of possibilities to give your clients a real online presence with their website that will take a lot to outgrow. This in turn has your clients happy, and therefor you can be happy and possibly get more referrals. Oh, ever thought of offering learning packages also for your clients so that can learn about how to use all this technology? We have and they love it!

So now you know a simple way to help your clients. Drop me a comment or question if you get lost or have any problems.


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